What to know when looking for an accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City?


HCMC is the economic capital of Vietnam, constantly growing and attracting many investors, and expatriates. Real estate projects are the reflect of the city’s economic boom. More and more projects are being undertaken and the city is expending quickly.

Moreover, the first line of Ho Chi Minh City’s metro is scheduled for completion by 2020. For future tenants, finding accommodation along the metro line will be a great opportunity to have access to this new mean of transportation conveniently.

Here is the context:
You are new in Ho Chi Minh City or you’ve just seen that a new project appears in another district. In this article you will find some “tips” to know how to rent a property here and how to avoid scams. You will discover information about the city or new projects too.


Choose your district

Ho Chi Minh City has 19 districts and every one of them has its characteristics and charm. Rexvietnam has apartments in projects such has City Garden, The Nassim, Gateway, Vista Verde, The Ascent, Thao Dien Pearl. These buildings are in District 2 (Thảo Đien), Bình Thạnh district and District 7.


  • Thảo Điền is the district where live most of the expats population. It is a quiet neighborhood with small foreign and local shops. Children can continue their studies here: there are nurseries, kindergarten and many international schools. International School, British Interntional School (BIS), Australian School, European School and Deutsche School are settled.


  • Bình Thạnh,  this central district is a mix of tradition and modernity, with local eatery western style bars in a very dynamic atmosphere. You could explore the Thi Nghe Market, or simply eat Street Food on Phan Văn Hân. Your children could go on international, Australian, Asian or American School.


  • District 7 is the district where people could enjoy strolling by the Crescent Lake, shopping or eating in traditional or foreign restaurants at reasonable prices. International, Canadian, Japanese, Korean, and American School are located in this district.


  • District 1 and District 3 are the main districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Most of the companies here have their headquarter in those districts. There you can enjoy the restaurants, bars, exhibitions, museums, or going on the rooftop to enjoy the view.


Choose your way of life and select your criteria

You have 3 types of accommodations in Ho Chi Minh City: house/villa, apartment, or serviced apartment.

Rexvietnam provides mostly apartments. Neverthless, our agents can also help you to find an accommodation based on your criteria  working with its selected partner.


Accommodation type






High and wonderful views, swimming pool, children playground, security guard, BBQ space, gym, laundry service, long-term lease


Serviced apartment


Cleaning service, short-term lease, swimming pool, gym space, security guard




Garden, swimming pool, BBQ


To know 


  • The red invoice/VAT invoice/tax invoice 

This invoice has three different names for the same meaning. Your employer can ask this invoice if it is your company paying your rent. You have to check this information before signing the contract with the landlord especially if you are going through an agency because the VAT is a significant charge.


  • The tenancy contract

The agency or the landlord manage it, read it carefully, don’t hesitate to modify some terms if needed


  • The sub-lease

Be careful on signing the tenancy contract with the landlord, not with someone who owns and manages the lease but can also change the terms and conditions of the contract without the permission of the landlord


  • Included/not included

Some fees such as management fees, cleaning service, power, water, cable TV and internet, or also the access to the facilities can be charged on top of the rental price. You have to check what the rental amount includes or not before signing the contract.




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