What is a penthouse?

What is a Penthouse?

In real estate, there are a multitude of ways to refer to properties; apartment, condominium, house, villa etc. but what is a penthouse?

If we solely look at its initial definition: a penthouse is a property located on the top floor of a residential tower, typically offering luxurious features and having a great view.

However, over the years, its terminology and meaning has changed.

The word ‘Penthouse’ became more generic. It now refers to properties offering a different layout/features than other properties in the same residential tower.

In its new meaning, it includes a unique selling point compared to others in the residence. For example, it could be a bigger outdoor space. Yet, they may not necessarily be located on the top floor anymore. ‘Penthouse’ is also now used as a marketing tool to differentiate a special property from others.

Therefore, how can potential investors/renters know exactly what a penthouse is? What should they look for?

To understand the value of a penthouse compared to another unit, some features to consider may aid you:

  • Does it have a terrace or a bigger outdoor space?
  • Is the ceiling higher than in other units?
  • Does it have higher quality features / amenities?
  • Is the unit significantly bigger than the other?
  • Is the layout different? Unique?
  • Is the view clear/not obscured?
  • Is it a duplex/triplex?


When considering renting or investing in a penthouse, you should take into account that a top floor property might not be the best unit in the condominium. There might be a unit on a lower floor with more square meters, a better outdoor space or simply a better view.

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